France 2

Le coup du lapin

The troubling death of Nadia, wife of a small-time novelist, in a bogus car accident, arouses the curiosity of Inspector Sauvage and Lieutenant Joanna Larsen, and even more so when it transpires that the young victim is not Nadia at all but a body stolen from the morgue!

So what became of her? Why this substitution? Why is her tragic giving-birth shrouded in such mystery? Why does her devastated husband lie so inveterately?

If only her analyst could speak, but he’s bound to his Freudian secrecy… As is the young woman’s obstetrician and the midwife who birthed her child and who is found murdered.

A strange affair indeed for Sauvage who also has to face a family therapy imposed by his ex-wife and the paternity of the twins he has just fathered with his new partner…

Format : 90′ Collection “Tango”

Broadcaster : France 2

Production date : 2011

Producer : Marie Hélène Pagès

Director : Nicolas Herdt

© Capa Drama / CRRAV Nord – Pas de Calais / 2011

Screenplay & Adaptation : Sylvain Saada

Based on “La Baba-Yaga” by Elisa Vix (Odin éditions)

Dialogue : Sylvain Saada and Elisa Vix

Cast : Arnaud Giovaninetti – Audrey Fleurot – Carole Richert – Laurent Grévil