France 3

The war of the airwaves

October 1943, Pierre Dac, France’s most famous humourist, finally arrives in London after a long period of captivity and exile. He joins the Free French team at the BBC who host the daily Radio-Londres radio broadcast.

His interventions countered the lies of the Nazis and their collaborators in the fight to break free of the pervading climate of fear. He wielded humour like a weapon. For nine months, this “most listened-to French person speaking to the French” was to help the Allied victory in his own inimitable way.

His songs, chronicles and editorials, disavowing Radio-Paris, and in particular his verbal battle with Philippe Henriot, were key moments in the fight against the occupier.

Format : 90′

Broadcaster : France 3

Production date : 2014

Producer : Cécile Roger-Machart

Director : Laurence Katrian


Sceenplay : Carlo de Boutiny, Laurent Jaoui & Jacques Pessis

Cast : Jean-Yves LAFESSE (Pierre Dac) – Olivier MASSART (Jacques Duchesne) – Jean-Luc COUCHARD (Momo) – Natalia DONTCHEVA (Dinah) – Didier FLAMAND (Philippe Henriot) – Xavier GALLAIS (Jean-Hérold Paquis) – Clément MANUEL (Pierre Bourdan) – Laurent GERNIGON (Jean Oberlé) – Mélanie MARTINEZ-LLENSE (Geneviève Brissot)