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Terror Studios

Today, the Jihadist propaganda machine is a well-oiled one. On the basis of the videos of so-called Islamic State, this film deconstructs, step by step, the Jihadist image and discourse. Resolutely modern, Jihadist communication uses the codes of fiction, video games and reality TV. Also key are the means of distribution and social networks play a major role in this.

This visual propaganda has been shaped and refined since the Afghanistan war 35 years ago, the founding moment of modern Jihad. The bases of Jihad 2.0 have ben laid down over the years by various theoreticians of Jihad and it is this “master plan” – well known to the international intelligence services – that has been implemented by this new generation.

Directed by Alexis Marant – Produced by CAPA TV – With the participation of the CANAL+ documentary unit, the Ile-de-France region and Creative Europe.