France 3

The Republic of Children

The war has come to an end…

For several years now, Célestin and Madeleine have taken in, hidden and educated children…

Young Jews, Spanish children, or those of Resistance fighters, whose parents have vanished or have perished in the turmoil, live here in this little farm in the Vercors.

This couple of teachers use “new educational” methods to instruct these children, methods they have always dreamt of and which they are convinced will forge a new humanity.
These children are empowered, responsible for their lives, for their education and for the functioning of their mini-society: “The Republic of Children”.

Format : 90′

Broadcaster : France 3

Production date : 2010

Producer : Cécile Roger-Machart

Director : Jacques Fansten

© Capa Drama – 2010

Screenplay & Dialogue : Corinne Atlas with the participation of Leïla Senati-Geiger

Cast : Caroline Proust – Jacques Bonnaffé- Neil Christophe – Hugo Cance – Anatole Sarrazin – Noah Silver – Frédéric Papalia – Lou Aisenberg – Iliana Sakji – Valentin Martel – Ilan Zysman – Louise Orry-Diquero – Ophélie Perrot – Leandro Garcia – Gérard Croce – with the participation of Bruno Wolkowitch