The prestigious “Gréco” Institute is being rocked by scandal: its administrator has been found dead – she had been flung from the top of the chapel spire! Sauvage and Joana begin to investigate as a cynical wave of new spectacular public and private denunciations emerges!

A noxious atmosphere prevails, provoking confrontations and revelations of buried secrets, clandestine meetings, personal and familial petty crimes… The investigation finally reveals that this little game has but a single goal: to ruin the Institute’s reputation for excellence and to destroy its director along with his entourage! Who is this vindictive and jealous poison pen who knows everything about everyone and who seems to be focusing his cruelty on the inner circle of the student drama society? This raven who seems to be enjoying laying bare the painful secrets of Joana’s past…

Format : 90′ Collection “Tango”

Broadcaster : France 2

Production Date : 2012

Producer : Marie Hélène Pagès

Director : Nicolas Herdt

© Capa Drama / CRRAV Nord – Pas de Calais / 2012

Screenplay, Adaptation & Dialogue : Sylvain Saada with the collaboration of Nicolas Herdt

Based on the characters created by Elisa Vix (Odin éditions)

Cast : Arnaud Giovaninetti – Audrey Fleurot – Carole Richert – Erick Deshors – Bénédicte Choisnet – Maryne Bertieaux – Vanessa Larré – Vincent Ozanon