France 2

The Lair of La Vouivre

Paul Pratt’s life brutally changes course when he learns of the sudden death of his friend, mentor and brother, Gilles Ferreux.

A native of the Loue Valley in the Doubs region of France, he has grown up with the fabulous tales of “la Vouivre”, a mythical woman whose forehead is encrusted with diamonds who haunts the riverbeds, killing unwary thieves… Many episodes of his life as a child and a young man were marked by these fantastic stories which, on several occasions, have mysteriously become reality. So it is not surprising that he is gripped with a feeling of vertigo as he approaches the parapet of the bridge…
Paul quickly learns that, in fact, Gilles committed suicide, yet cannot believe it. His friend was in no way predisposed to do such a thing and Paul sets out to explore the reasons behind his mysterious demise…

Format : 4 x 52′

Broadcaster : France 2

Production date : 2010

Producer : Cécile Roger-Machart

Director : Edwin Baily

© Capa Drama – 2010

Sceeenplay : Eric Verat & Solen Roy-Pagenault

From the original work of Éric Verat

Dialogue : Solen Roy-Pagenault & Nicolas Takian

Cast : Jean-Marc Barr – Lubna Azabal – Claude Perron – Rufus – Yann colette – Lucie Bourdeu – with the participation of Camille Japy