France 3

Murders in Etretat

Etretat, a fashionable Normandy seaside resort, is living its peaceful life until one day, a local bigwig, Gilbert Maréchal, is found dead having fallen from the top of the famous cliffs The police find a suicide note on the body, but all the signs point to a murder.

As Corinne and Victor take charge of the investigation, a host of family secrets about the Maréchal clan emerge…. not to mention the fact that Gilbert, a fervent Catholic, has bequeathed his fortune to an Abbey, one of whose nuns vanished on the very day he died.

Is there any connection between these two occurrences…? Who could have had it in for Gilbert Maréchal, a generous and devoted man appreciated by all?

© photo: Lionel EPP / Capa Drama / France Télévisions

Format : 90′

Broadcaster : France 3

Production date : 2015

Producer : Marie-Hélène Pagès

Director : Laurence Katrian

Screenplay : Jean Chavot et Eric Rognard

Original soundtrack : Tomás Gubitsch

Cast : Adriana Karembeu, Bruno Madinier, Anne Loiret, Pierre Cassignard, Edgar Givry, Éric Pucheu, Zoé Marchal, Frédérique Tirmont, Sébastien Dupuis, Denis Maréchal…
avec la participation de Nathalie Corre et Catherine Wilkening

With the participation of France Télévisions and TV5 Monde, in coproduction with Be-FILMS and R.T.B.F (Belgian Television)

© CAPA DRAMA – 2015