Having experienced the Latin-American guerrilla moment first hand, Pierre Goldman became a mythical figure in the ‘60s protest movement. Accused of the murder of two pharmacists, his trial divided France. Found guilty, then acquitted after a retrial, he was subsequently gunned down in broad daylight shortly after his release.

A life cut short, a singular destiny that even today still resonates in France.

Format : 90′

Broadcaster : Canal+

Production Date : 2011

Producer : Claude Chelli

Director : Christophe Blanc

© Capa Drama – 2011

Screenplay & Dialogues : Dan Franck

Loosely based on the book by Michaël Prazan “PIERRE GOLDMAN le frère de l’ombre” – Editions du Seuil © March 2005

Cast : Samuel Benchetrit – Pierre-Félix Gravière – Arié Elmaleh – Johan Leysen – Olivier Claverie – Adèle Haenel – Yannick Choirat – Tony Mpoudja – Thibault Lacroix