France 2

Just a cop

Paris 1996. A woman of action and conviction, Martine Monteil, the first woman to be appointed as head of the Crime Squad, immediately makes nailing the “East Paris Killer” her number one priority.

While France is plunged into an unprecedented media psychosis, Monteil is really put to the test. All the more so, as the killer seems to be eluding her.

© photo: Philippe Leroux / Capa Drama / France Télévisions

Adaptation : based on “Flic tout simplement” by Martine Monteil published by Les Editions Michel Lafon

Format : 90′

Broadcaster : France 2

Production date : 2015

Producer : Claude Chelli, Arnaud Figaret

Director : Yves Renier

Screenplay : Hugues Pagan

Adaptation and dialogue: Hugues Pagan with the collaboration of Olivier Norek

Original soundtrack : Stéphane Zidi et Laurent Sauvagnac

Cast : Mathilde Seigner, Philippe Torreton, Yves Rénier, Jean-Marie Winling, Kamel Belghazi, Steve Driesen, Samantha Rénier, Patrick Ridremont, Patrick Descamps, Carolina Jurczak, Nicolas Mouen….

With the participation of France Télévisions and TV5 Monde, in coproduction with Be-FILMS and R.T.B.F (Belgian Television)

© CAPA DRAMA – 2015