France 2

Doctor-in-Chief at La Santé prison

Doctor-in-Chief at the Santé Prison, was something Véronique Vasseur was never trained to be. She agrees one day to stand in temporarily for a colleague. Her first days at the prison come as quite a shock…

Little by little, fear gives way to revolt. Because she cannot stand injustice, she takes on a combat and gives it her all, to the point of no return, losing her husband and almost her life in the process. An experience from which she emerges deeply scathed but wiser beyond measure.

Format : 90′

Broadcaster : France 2

Production Date : 2012

Producer : Claude Chelli

Director : Yves Renier

© Capa Drama – 2012

Screenplay, Adaptation & Dialogues : Jean-Luc Estèbe & Véronique Vasseur

Loosely based on “Médecin-chef à la prison de la Santé” by Véronique Vasseur in collaboration with Véronique Bedin and Anne Eveillard published by Cherche Midi Editeur

Comédiens : Mathilde Seigner (Séverine Vincent) – Samuel Labarthe (Richard Vincent) – Youssef Hajdi (Driss Chahidi) – Jérôme Robart (Olivier Meignan) – Valérie Dashwood (Raphaëlle) – Stéphane Wojtowicz (Gilles Thiercelin)