Braquo Season 3

At the end of Season 2, Caplan’s team was barely back together when the car which Lieutenant Théo Wachewski had just got into exploded…

At the start of this new season what’s left of Caplan’s SDPJ 92 group is even more shattered and each, in their own way, is trying to overcome his or her affliction to – perhaps – find a degree of closure…

Yet now that the present is a pile of ruins and that the future looks dark and bitter, the past suddenly takes over and summons Caplan and his team to act. Indeed, a former police officer whom Caplan and his team nailed for murder puts them on the scent of vast trafficking ring, thus plunging Eddy, Roxanne and Walter into the heart of a gang war. A war between two Vor V Zakone clans, a Russian Mafia made up of Russians, Armenians and Georgians. A criminal organization that was born in Stalin’s gulags and which has now spread across Europe, especially to France.
With the help of a Georgian police officer, a Vor V Zakone specialist, Caplan and his team set out to bring this war to an end and to avoid the worst case scenario: the taking root of a structured mafia whose sole objective is to flood the country with huge quantities of cocaine and rule the streets of Paris with Kalashnikovs. As for Vogel, his is waiting in the wings to swoop and strike and have done with Caplan ONCE AND FOR ALL…

Format : 8 X 52′

Broadcaster : Canal+

Production Date : 2013

Producer : Claude Chelli

Director : Frédéric Jardin (Episodes 1 à 4) & Manuel Boursinhac (Episodes 5 à 8)

© CAPA DRAMA – 2013

Screenplay : Abdel Raouf Dafri

A TV show created by Olivier Marchal

Cast : Jean-Hugues Anglade (Eddy Caplan) – Joseph Malerba (Walter Morlighem) – Karole Rocher(Roxane Delgado) – Geoffroy Thiebaut (Roland Vogel) – Lizzie Brochere ( Orianne Beridze) – Isabelle Renauld (Michelle Bernardi) – Joël Lefrancois (Fargette) – Antoine Basler (Romain Vibert) – Valerie Sibilia (Helene Rossi)

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