Braquo Season 1

Judiciary police officers, Caplan, Morlighem, Vachewski and Roxane, go about their duty in the Hauts-de-Seine Department – the western suburbs of Paris – between chic neighbourhoods and lawless zones. But their lives are thrown into turmoil when their commander, Rossi, who has been framed and unjustly indicted, decides to take his own life.

They undertake a counter-investigation to clear his name and to confound his accusers. Caught up in a dangerous spiral, they are obliged to “monter au BRAQUO” (to step over the legal line) to save their own asses and protect their families.

Harassed by their administration, pursued by the IGS (the police of the police), they turn their backs on the established rules and thus disillusioned they adopt a way of life driven by adrenalin, risk, bloodshed and death…

BRAQUO gets inside the skin of these ordinary cops who, despite themselves, gradually slip into a vortex of violence and paranoia.

Format : 8 X 52′

Broadcaster : Canal+

Production date : 2009

Producer : Hervé Chabalier & Claude Chelli

Director : Olivier Marchal (Episodes 1 à 4) & Frédéric Schoendoerffer (Episodes 5 à 8)


Screenplay : Olivier Marchal, Frank Henri, DOA, Jean-Guy Serrier, Michaël Souhaité, Yann Le Nivet, Arnaud Tourangin

Une série créée par Olivier Marchal

Cast : Jean-Hugues Anglade (Eddy Caplan) – Nicolas Duvauchelle (Theo Vachewski) – Joseph Malerba (Walter Morlighem) – Karole Rocher(Roxane Delgado) – Denis Sylvain (Louis Bordier) – Geoffroy Thiebaut (Roland Vogel) – Alain Figlarz (Serge Lemoine) – Isabelle Renauld (Michelle Bernardi) – Michel Duchaussoy (Claude Delgado) – Valerie Sibilia (Helene Rossi)

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