France 2

Bad Dog

A woman is killed in a little town. And then another. And yet another! Panic stations! A serial killer? No, dogs! Big inoffensive pooches who suddenly turn into wild beasts and devour their mistresses! Three victims, three killer dogs!

So why did these three fearful pooches suddenly become rabid beasts? Why these three women? These are the mysteries that two offbeat cops set out to investigate: the oddball Captain Sauvage and Lieutenant Joana Larsen, an irresistible Amazon with a wild sense of humour.

They solve the case in their own iconoclastic manner, unmasking the mysterious murderer who trained these dogs to kill…

Format : 90′ Collection “Tango”

Broadcaster : France 2

Production date : 2010

Producer : Marie Hélène Pagès

Director : Philippe Venault

© Capa Drama / CRRAV Nord – Pas de Calais / 2010

Screenplay & Adaptation : Sylvain Saada

Based on “Bad Dog” by Elisa Vix (Odin éditions)

Dialogues : Sylvain Saada and Elisa Vix

Cast : Frédéric Pierrot (Thierry Sauvage) – Audrey Fleurot (Joana Larsen) – Carole Richert( Maryse)