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CAPA Journalists have been telling the world as it is for 25 years.

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Bearing witness, shedding light, making people wonder, inventing, the women and men of CAPA, journalists and camera/reporters have been telling the world as it is for 25 years.

Our obsession? To never give in to facility or convenience, to constantly seek new ways of telling, of investigating, finding new talents, pushing the limits, placing modernity in the service of meaning so that the interesting is never doomed to be boring. We believe this is the only way for intelligence to win out over mediocrity.

From the plateaus of the French Morvan region to the mountains of Afghanistan, from the red-carpeted steps of Cannes to the grey concrete of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, from backstage at the Paris Casino to the ruins of Syria, whatever the terrain, what interests us is people. Whatever the distance, we get as close as possible. In an information era when mobile telephones bear witness, when the simplest of images can spread like wildfire the world over, what is often missing is a viewpoint. In the documentaries, reportages and programmes we produce, we provide ours.

If you watch TV, you’ve most likely come across it, and even more likely, we hope, remarked upon it.