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CAPA Digital


CAPA Digital

Because a story only has meaning if it is read, watched or listened to in every possible manner, CAPA Digital explores the narrative possibilities offered by new media…

It’s a digital cell which – from web-documentary to long-form by way of interactive video, YouTube channels and social networks – places its desire for digital at the service of companies, institutions, NGOs and broadcasters. It is also a laboratory, that explores the Internet in search of the latest pleasing trend, app or line of code.

Lastly, it’s a workshop, where things are crafted by hand and individually, designed with love, coded to perfection, costed mercilessly, and put on line with pride.


Tous nos clients sont nos amis, mais tous nos amis ne sont pas nos clients. Alors on leur a fait une place rien que pour eux.


Charles-Henry Frizon

Charles-Henry Frizon

Laurent Kopec

Laurent Kopec

Project Manager / Webmaster
Alexandre Salcedo

Alexandre Salcedo

Social Media Manager

“Let’s Talk SMEs” is a short programme produced by CAPA Entreprises for BNP Paribas.

This film, hosted by Loïc Ballet and aired on France 2 at 8.20 PM in April and May 2014, highlights innovative French SMEs that are very successful abroad. To accompany this series, Connected Stories by CAPA created a dedicated page combining video, data and a slideshow.

Object in Mirror handled the project’s graphic design.

Since 1994, the town of Bayeux, in association with the Calvados Regional Council, has organized its annual Bayeux-Calvados Prize for war correspondents, an award that aims to pay tribute to those journalists who exercise their profession in extremely hazardous conditions to enable us to have access to freedom of information.

In the course of the 2014 Bayeux-Calvados Prize for war correspondents, the Connected Stories by CAPA teams provided non-stop, real-time content for the festival site and blog. Exhibitions, debates, the state of affairs in Iraq in 2014, re-broadcasting of the closing ceremony, interviews with award winners… In all, eleven 2 to 3 minute reports were produced and put on line over the 4-day period.

Since 2010, CAPA Entreprises has taken care of the organisation of the closing ceremony while Object in mirror has handled the graphic design (credits, jingles, etc.) of the evening’s events and of the festival blog. In 2015, Object in mirror also entirely revamped the Bayeux-Calvados Prize website.

To celebrate its 30th birthday, the BNP Paribas Foundation decided to put the artists, scientists and associative managers it supports in the spotlight.

To mark the event, Connected Stories by CAPA produced a series of 16 interactive web-reportages.

Object in mirror handled the graphic design for the series as well as the technical development of the interactive videos.

“My Advert Here”, is a transmedia campaign initiated by BNP Paribas to highlight innovative entrepreneurs. Similar to a talent show, a competition shortlists 40 companies across France who are then offered a nationwide promotional campaign.

This campaign is rolled out over one month in the form of posters displayed in BNP Paribas branches, in print in the national and regional press, on the web (long-form and banner ads) and on TV (3 thirty-second adverts). A total approach to valorise SMEs and BNP Paribas’s commitment to their development.

A project coordinated by CAPA’s corporate pole: CAPA Entreprises for the video, CAPA Pictures the photos, Connected Stories by CAPA and Object in mirror for the web content.