CAPA Pictures celebrates its 5th birthday!

To celebrate the 5th birthday of CAPA Pictures, Antoine Reyre and his team wished to share their know-how and their passion by holding an exhibition to honour the photographers and clients who had put their faith in the agency.

Organized in partnership with “La Hune” gallery, this exhibition was held there at 16 Rue de l’Abbaye in the 6th district of Paris.

For those who didn’t have the chance to attend the event, here below is the full speech given by Antoine Reyre, Associate Director of CAPA Pictures:

“As you will have noticed CAPA Pictures is now 5 years old!

First off, I’d like to warmly thank Alexandre de Metz, Director of YellowKorner and La Hune, for hosting the exhibition and Jean-François Gallois, Director of the Initial photo lab, for providing the prints.

CAPA Pictures would never have existed without the unwavering support of – in chronological order:

Jacques Morel, head of CAPA’s Corporate pole: he listened to my idea, got on board and pulled out all the stops to make this photo pole a reality. The finesse of Jacques’s analysis and his creativity impresses me daily.

Guillaume de Menthon, Managing Director of CAPA at the time, currently CEO of Telfrance, who really got our subsidiary on track in legal and financial terms.

• and lastly Fabrice Larue, a big photography fan, CEO of NEWEN, our Group’s holding company, who really saw the potential of this structure.

This all unfolded in the course of a few months and CAPA Pictures was launched in the last quarter of 2011.

But beyond the idea behind and the formation of CAPA Pictures, its success is underpinned by 3 pillars: our clients, our photographers and our team.

Our clients

I want to pay tribute to the heads of communication in the groups and our interlocutors in the communication agencies we work with. You have a deep love of photography and do not yield to the temptations of the image bank. You trust us to produce your photos in keeping with the values of your brands and your one-off communication needs, wherever they may be. Thus our photographers work with real people, in real places to produce photos that are strong and genuine. They will be around for a long time, enhancing the talents of your companies. You challenge us a lot and we love that!

Our photographers

They are many, all over the world, and some are here present today. We adore their know-how and their talent, especially in the light of the difficulties that institutional and corporate photography involves! To my mind it is far more difficult to photograph a CEO of a top company who hates being photographed and who doesn’t have the time, than the muse of a top brand whose job it is and who’s paid for it! What’s more, the photographer has to work within the precise framework imposed by the brand.
Each time, one must understand and magnify, bound by an obligation of means and results, whether it be Roissy Airport or a Sanofi laboratory in Djakarta. What a job! What strength it requires! And I’d just like to add that the photographers we work with are all very warm and human people.

Our team

We are very fortunate. In fact, I’m very fortunate in those I work with. Without them, none of this would be, including our success. I’m talking about the CAPA Pictures team: Sara, Lucie, Antoine and Aurore, who has just joined us. They are all driven by a passion for photography, and the joy of shared success. It’s an alliance of energy, creativity and humour. What drives them is the process, the next challenge. They are developers of talent. A team that must understand, see eye to eye and exchange on over 700 productions yearly!

I’d also, from the bottom of my heart, like to thank the wonderful CAPA Entreprises team who welcomed us, supported us and opened its doors to us. And of course our Managing Director Guillaume Thouret and our CEO Bibiane Godfroid who have had great faith in us and encouraged us in our development.

To illustrate these past 5 years, we’ve exhibited thirty photographs that show both the diversity of our daily activity serving the groups for whom we work, but also the strength of our photographers’ vision by way of more personal works.

I can only say that the choice made by the artistic director – whose name I won’t mention here – was a very tough one as we were quite limited in terms of space with so many great photos we’d have loved to show… But that’s how it is, and it’s wonderful as it is!

In Monsieur de Pourceaugnac, the play by Molière put to music by Lully, it is said that what matters most is pleasure. So let us now share the pleasure of this moment and these photos! “

Antoine Reyre – Associate Director of CAPA Pictures

Photographic Credits : Aurore Baron and Laurent Kopec | Tag cloud : Lucie Ohana and Antoine Loux