A CAPA team experienced the last days of the FARC from the inside for “Enquête Exclusive”

On the eve of the FARC’s demise, director Ibar Aibar filmed the daily lives of the guerrilla fighters in the heart of the jungle.

The FARC camp where he lived houses the “First Front”, one of the guerrilla’s elite battalions. This is the battalion that held the most emblematic hostages, such as Ingrid Betancourt. Training sessions, propaganda, final military field operations, cocaine trafficking… our team was given access to everything.

The fighters, men and women (40% of the guerillas are female), let themselves be filmed in their moments of intimacy and agreed to answer all of our journalist Ibar Aibar’s questions.

Indeed, the CAPA team even met some of their victims, former hostages held for years in inhuman conditions, chained in the depths of the jungle. Ibar Aibar also followed the “return to civilization” of several fighters who had joined the guerillas in their teens.

The Colombian government and the FARC guerillas have now reached a historic peace agreement, announced on 24 August 2016, after 52 years of armed conflict. CAPA invites you to discover this exceptional documentary in “Enquête Exclusive” on air 11 September at 11:00 PM on M6.